Anne Binning


Anne Binning


Anne has lived in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for more than 33 years with her husband Rick, three sons and a two very sweet kitties, Finn and Olive.

Hello & Welcome

Over the past 30 years I have been on an intensive wellness and healing journey. My love of fitness began with dance in my childhood. At 33, I trained with the founder of Training in Power Academy, Faye Fitzgerald, eventually becoming a Faculty member and Director of its North American "Master Warrior" program. Through intensive training, I discovered that I could bring what I was learning on the energy side into my body - literally.

Today I teach that the vibrational match between our physical forms and our energy body is easily achievable, amazingly efficient, and provable. I believe this is the way to fitness for the future.

If you can imagine it in your mind, you can have it in your body. I invite you to join me in this most amazing, experiential work ... without leaving your home!

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My Background

My own fitness regimen includes yoga, pilates, tai chi, qi gong,

18 buddha hands,  body flex, ballet, basic martial arts, weight lifting and hiking.
I also teach  these systems.

Leadership initiatives include:
• Director of Master Warrior Program, Training in Power Academy,

• BCRPA Personal Trainer
• Video/Audio Programs in Fitness Training

As a trained instructor, I hold a space of positive energy (or a space of high vibrational frequency), which will enhance your ability to heal in a wholistic way.


Body Awareness & Physical Power

" Anne Binning has been my teacher and trainer for the last 5 years in the Master Warrior program. As a professional Personal Trainer, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Athlete, the system has been invaluable in my life. I use the tools daily to help cue my clients to activate the right sequence of muscles and to help deepen and lock in the results of acupuncture treatments. Emotionally, Master Warriors has allowed me to release baggage and reconnect to my body in ways I've never imagined. Personally my own workouts and strength gains continue to rise as Master Warriors allows me a completely different vantage point of body awareness and physical power. My body continues to astound me the more I work the system. The system brings in such a vibrancy of health both on the internal and external. " Jacob, Toronto