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The Future of Fitness?

Everything is made up of energy, which means it has a vibrational frequency.

When there is messaging to particles of energy, whether that’s through DNA encoding or through the intention of a healer, the force of the intention is released, producing a morphogenic field that is moldable and malleable to instruction.

When you enter into Vibrational Training using exercise and meditation to "talk" to your physical form, we are using frequency. We can communicate with the body at a very deep level, even during high periods of stress.

This is an ever deepening intimate relationship you cultivate with your body. Not only are you learning about yourself, but your body learns to trust you, and the relationship develops. You feel good after a class; aches and pains disappear; you breathe more deeply and have more awareness of the breaths you take ... and you slowly and profoundly change over time.

This vibrational thrust affects you on all etherics. For example, you may experience emotional releases at times as your body emotionally detoxifies. As you work more intimately with yourself, you’ll find yourself gradually making healthier choices in every area of your life.

A new energetic reality of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self awakens, and your physical form responds with stamina, positivity, flexibility, endurance and energy.

I would be delighted to share this extraordinary system of wellness with you.

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