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The Elemental Series

In this series you will explore breathwork at a deep, vibrational level. There are 4 meditations: Fire, Lifeforce, Mist, and Earth.

This series of short meditations will be powerful against any stress  in your life.

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With my compliments, your training is
from my Elemental Series in Breathwork.

Enjoy your first meditation:The Elementals: FIRE.

Second in the series is LIFE FORCE meditation

Learn to breathe, and apply the principles of VFT to your everyday life.

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If you can imagine it in your mind, you can have it in your body.

 Recommended Reading

The Power of Now, Eckhardt Tolle. Speaks of the "Pain Body" as an inner energy field. of pain that every human inherits.

With training, it is possible to remove this inner energy field over time - pain that has been suppressed and repressed not only in your physical cells, but in your spiritual, mental, and emotional etherics as well. VFT can assist greatly with the Pain Body. Try a meditation to get you started.

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