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Master Warrior Program

Become the "Master Warrior"

A year long program available by phone.  When we meet in person it's in Vancouver BC and Seattle WA. Unique and powerful. A VFT must!

An in-person typical Master Warrior session includes:

 Breath Work/Cardio


 Tai Chi

 Boxing; Jiujitsu


Tae Kwon Do


A powerful workout and awesome

high vibration meditations.


Prefer one-on-one training? Connect with me to find out more about how we can customize VFT for you!
• Zoom (video training)• One-on-one sessions in your home

One-on-One Training
"White Wolf Warrior" Program

White Wolf Warrior - 10 Week Course 

Physical workouts with meditations. 

Training in warriorship begins with loving yourself, including your physical form.

Focusing internally, you will be in touch with your body in a deeper, more intimate way. Utilizing a variety of disciplines and knowledge, both eastern and western, you will learn: breathing techniques; qi gong; energetics of pain and elimination of pain; and a unique meditational system created by Faye Fitzgerald of Training in Power Academy's Master Warrior program, which augments and takes everything I teach you to a surprising outcome!

Changes you will experience:

* increase in your physical performance
* achievement with ease and effortlessness
* increased love for yourself and your physical form
* having less pain in your body
* lowering of blood pressure
* becoming calmer
* accessing your intuition in a consistent way
* become a more effective communicator
* become more grounded, stable and solid in yourself


A Holistic Path to Health

" Master Warriors is an essential system for anyone who is looking for a truly holistic path to health. As a spiritual person, this is the only system I have found that incorporates all levels of the body, mind and spirit into a succinct methodology that is both highly practical and deeply transformative. This weekly system has become an anchor-point in my life, taking the path to optimum health and making it an evolutionary journey." Elinor, Toronto

Level I meditation  

Connect with the Power of your Soul ... to heal, grow, manifest and prosper in your daily life. 

You will learn how to live without stress, and lower your blood pressure while you Remember who You are.

Dates for next classes:

June 4, 11, 18, 25

July 9, 16, 23, 30  

Tuesday evenings, 7 pm, base of Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver 

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Enjoy a free meditation from the series "Elemental".